Fran McCarthy

Fran McCarthy

Project Brief

Fran McCarthy recently started freelancing and had created all of her own branding. She felt it was inconsistent and didn’t represent who she was and how her business operated.

Digital Services

We Provided






The How

The Challenge

Fran’s website content was cluttered and lacked any enhancements to her personal brand. We needed to identify who her target audience was and what trust signals we could use to increase her digital frontage.

The Approach

The Results

We set out to do a complete rebrand which included a new website, business cards and updates to all her social channels. To make Fran’s website pop we outsourced a photoshoot and video to emphasise who she is as a person and how she can help business’ in conflict resolution.

Home Page Design

The home page is a warm, clean design which evokes trust, professionalism and wisdom. All the qualities that Fran uses everyday in her business.

home page desktop design

Responsive Experience

As Fran's cliental caters to a wide range of people, we made sure the website was a seamless experience on desktop, tablets and mobiles.




Business Card Design

We completely redesigned Fran's business cards to follow consistency with the new brand colours of white, purple and cream.


Email Signature Design

As Fran's most frequent source of communication is through email, we thought this was essential to keep consistent branding.