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Alto Print

Alto Print

Project Brief

Alto Print’s website hadn’t been updated in several years and felt their website didn’t give a correct representation of the services they had to offer.

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Professional Services



The How

The Challenge

Alto Print’s website had outdated pricing, products and content. We started by creating new content for the website so we knew what kind of structures we were dealing with.

The Approach

The Results

We transformed the website from old and dull to new and modern. We took advantage of the traditional clean grey and white look so the user could focus on the bright colourful packaging and printing that they have created.

Simplistic Home Page

A simple homepage that makes the user focus on their featured printing products as well as pushing the user to the services and about us page.


Responsive Experience

We made it a priority that the website looked good on mobile as this is how 67% of users were accessing the website.




Simplistic UI

We consistently used the branding colours throughout the design to create trust, as you would find in printing services.

Web UI Style Guide - Alto Print